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A lesbo dat likes to lick pussy.
How do yo become a lesbian? Oh thats easy hun, you just have to lick carpet. Lick carpet huh?
by joe April 23, 2003
Aria Sexiest girl around. Have you seen her?
I can't get the image of those baby blues out my head.I swear this girl has a Pirate smile.
Pirate smile, ballet dancer.
by Joe May 05, 2005
having the quality of paralizing beaty;stunning
Emily Rossum in th emovie: Phantom of the Opera
by Joe March 13, 2005
When police arrive you run
When 5-0 come we gone squale!
by JOe February 11, 2004
I wish I was Derin
by Joe October 27, 2003
to express disgust; an exclamation
You drop all your pixie stix in a puddle. You yell out, Nerts!
by Joe January 15, 2005
The act of self gratification through manual hand labor.
Sorry guys, I have to go home and walk the dog.
by joe January 19, 2004

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