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a hallucinagen related to the herb sage.
it is usualy smoked in a small bowl and the smoke is sucked thru a straw
"james took a good wiff and was walkin on da ceelin and den josh was suckin it all in an insed of seein 3-D he was seein 8-D"
by joe December 01, 2003
A headress worn by Arabic women.
That white girl wouldn't shut up so I told her to put her vale up.
by JOE December 17, 2004
One who likes to feel your pain, (as opposed to Republican: one who likes to cause your pain.)
The typical Democrat is somewhat of a masochist, but all Republicans are Sadists and many are currently exibiting highly overblown levels of nationalism which can be reasonably compared with the behavior seen in the early years in Nazi Germany.
by Joe September 03, 2003
hair style typical of crazy negros who eat fried chicken all motherfuckin day
Yeah check out deez corn rows nigga, ay yo pass the fried chicken before i sock two in yo ass ho
by Joe March 12, 2005
A rhesus monkey colony in Arizona.
Sam was eaten by the monkeys at Colita.
by Joe May 03, 2004
The way the letters are arranged on the Qwerty keyboard
qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm instead of abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz?
by Joe September 28, 2004
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