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929 definitions by Joe

A show where people fly around shooting
energy blasts at eachother. In other words kick ass show!
by joe April 16, 2003
Aria Sexiest girl around. Have you seen her?
I can't get the image of those baby blues out my head.I swear this girl has a Pirate smile.
Pirate smile, ballet dancer.
by Joe May 05, 2005
to intentionally foul Shaquille O'Neil near the basket, sending him to the free throw line where he will probably miss one or more free throws
At this stage in the fourth quarter, New York has enough fouls to give and may begin to employ the Hack-A-Shaq
by joe November 05, 2004
1. A small "office" in which an employee loses all of their will to live let alone keep their job.
At work, I sit in a cubicle.
by Joe June 09, 2003
When police arrive you run
When 5-0 come we gone squale!
by JOe February 11, 2004
Better schools than all you other stupid people in our country. Better state than Illinois. Oh, there really is cheese that tastes like ass, but no one eats it except old people. Home of the Green Bay Packers. People in Cancun like the Packers. Wisconsin is the best! We rock! Oh, we also have more people with "Canadian" accents than in Canada. Actually, it is just people who say "eh." Canadians dont say that, Wisconsinites do.
Cheese head!
by Joe August 14, 2003
A lesbo dat likes to lick pussy.
How do yo become a lesbian? Oh thats easy hun, you just have to lick carpet. Lick carpet huh?
by joe April 23, 2003