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The British equivilant to a fanny pack, becuase fanny back in Britain means something entirely different. (Let's just say, in England, only women have fannies.)
SEE: fanny pack
It's not a fanny pack mate, it's a bum bag.
by Joe February 28, 2005
most ignorant president the United States of America has ever "voted" into office.
if bush gets reelected, i'm moving to canada.
bush is such a dumbshit i cannot believe he properly knows how to breath in his sleep.
by Joe September 21, 2004
strongbads favorite word
HOLY CRAP!!!!!! That's cold!
by joe February 01, 2004
Similiar to "what's good", but a catchier slang. Wanted to know what the deal is for tonight.
Hey Dan, whiz poppin' tonight?
by Joe July 02, 2003
Used in the imperative as a signal of angry dismissal.
Fucking hell man, I told you not to fuck my wife.
by Joe November 10, 2003
I wish I was Derin
by Joe October 27, 2003
The act of self gratification through manual hand labor.
Sorry guys, I have to go home and walk the dog.
by joe January 19, 2004

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