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Kaila this is from Joe will you be my valentine, and my giz-irl, Yeah....
Will you go out with me.
Will you Yes or no, Call me when you read this.
by Joe February 12, 2005
Comes from the French Word " Renard" or as the english say, "Fox"
look at that that Boy Hump like a Teri
by joe October 12, 2004
a dude that does not shave his balls and likes to tell people over the interoffice Nethail
certain Newton Sheriff's Deputies
by Joe February 17, 2005
Lil Kim's usage of black pussy
Come and lick my tootsie roll.
by Joe April 22, 2005
the one who haxs da spam
polo haxs da spam 24/7
by joe August 25, 2003
An inhalent, the product used to clean your keyboard, when inhaled your voice becomes deep and and you become dizzy, the effects last less then and minute but is an incedbly cool feeling/buzz 1 hit will make you feel good 2 better 3 better yet 4 again better much more can make you sick or passout
dude we snaked some airduster from walmart and huffed the hole can
by Joe July 06, 2004
A rich wigger trying to make it seem he is from the ghetto.
I met a annoying russo yesterday
by joe September 12, 2004

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