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929 definitions by Joe

Kaila this is from Joe will you be my valentine, and my giz-irl, Yeah....
Will you go out with me.
Will you Yes or no, Call me when you read this.
by Joe February 12, 2005
22 80
gin or ginnen is the most multipurpose word in the dictionary it can be used 2 describe anything such as angry dismay annoyance or even shitted
oh man i h8 that bitch i feel like ginnin her up the ass
by Joe April 08, 2004
1 59
what a nasty person has. refers to 'the hep, herp and hiv' (hepatitus, herpes, h.i.v.)
That bitch is triple h.
by Joe March 12, 2003
35 94
1. Midget Niggers. 2. usually not dwarfs or elves. Of being or pertaining to midget niggers.
The nigglet was in the movie theater
nigglet nigglets nigglet's
by joe January 01, 2004
91 151
Loser Of the World. Biggest loser ever. One that eats excreted material.
A Dog
by Joe June 20, 2003
11 72
1. 'wow!' (something is amazing)
2. a skin on OGame
3.a colour that is similar to aqua.
1. davE:check out my new jeans
jack:aww! aurora!

2. liutenant:what skin u use on OGame, boss?
boss: Aurora, Lieutenant

3. LIZ:What u paintin ur room?
Rob: Aurora
LIZ: wtf is that mate?
Rob: its a bit like a shade of blue, like aqua!
LIZ: kk
by Joe August 13, 2005
19 81
a blonde female prone to borging (see definition of 'borge')
Look at Grainne borging in that new top.
by Joe April 07, 2003
11 74