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Common name on the Isle of Manhattan for marijuana}.
Yo you got that cashmere son?
by Joe February 01, 2005
the sounds of sex
unf unf unf
by joe April 19, 2004
Town in Chicago IL, that is becoming more city like every year. This town is large, and has many awsome people in it. Everybody wishes there town was like westmonts.
Dam dawn westmont is better than my town.
by Joe August 14, 2006
gay rabbi, adopted tomba the gay robot when he was just a wee bolt
U had sex with bushka the gay rabbi
by joe March 24, 2005
a big cock sucking homo that likes ryan conner aka a big penius
big cock sucking mother fucker
by Joe March 09, 2005
Is a person who practices ano-sex on dead animals.
When a male shoves his penis up a dead animals ass and pretends its another male or a female.
by Joe April 05, 2005
when person A proceeds to give what person B thinks is a blowjob, then simply holds the head of the penis in her/his mouth and proceeds to jerk person A off without actually doing anything with their mouth but holding the penis in it.
I was so happy that chick was finally gonna suck my dick then the bitch pulled a head fake on me.
by Joe December 10, 2004

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