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929 definitions by Joe

drunk. Similar to crunk.
We got scissored on Petron.
by Joe May 06, 2005
Really Idiotic show
Characters are Dumbasses
Pikachu is a very stupid pokemon and example
by Joe March 23, 2005
One of the greatest people in your life.
I love you, Fore you are Chastity
by Joe December 07, 2004
the action of sucking the juice from someones ass.
by Joe April 12, 2003
gay men who grow long, unruly beards in order to express their rustic male "realness" as well as their alterna-queer credibility. They crave only the companionship of other beardos.
That beardo in overalls, dancing alone to Souixie and the Banshees, smells positively Victorian.
by Joe February 06, 2005
a WUL whore
my god dont be a silvio!
by joe August 04, 2003
Town in Chicago IL, that is becoming more city like every year. This town is large, and has many awsome people in it. Everybody wishes there town was like westmonts.
Dam dawn westmont is better than my town.
by Joe August 14, 2006