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the worst insult ever...if you are called this, you might as well kill yourself...because your an airhead
wow...what an airhead
by joe October 31, 2003
you take two old retarded women and a cup. You punch both ladies in their cooters. You put the cup under them. When you punch the first retard, her crusties fall into the cup. You punch the second retard in the same place and her fluids fall out into the cup. Then enjoy!!!
I enjoyed the nachos and cheese.
by joe March 24, 2005
some dumb retard who leaves his name next to a hairy arm. He usally leaves them on walls but they can be found on rooftops sometimes.
That retard Neck Face painted that dumb ass arm on the roof again.
by joe January 01, 2005
meaning Ayatollah Y2JCJ
Ayatollah Y2JCJ's such a cockwhore
by Joe January 03, 2004
Smoke pot.
Special place designated to smoke pot.
Let's go VIP.
Come on up to the VIP
by joe September 02, 2003
On a bike or motorcycle, a reverse wheelie, on the front wheel instead of the rear wheel.
Yo. G bust an endo!
by JOE August 21, 2003
Really Idiotic show
Characters are Dumbasses
Pikachu is a very stupid pokemon and example
by Joe March 23, 2005

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