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Someone from the Dominican Republic.
Juana Martini is dominicano
by Joe December 05, 2004
Term for rolling papers.
Oh shit what happend to the papes?
by joe March 08, 2004
A multiplier with infinate decimal places, used to find the circumference of a circle. Its actually a ratio.

circumference=diameter x pi, meaning that all circles are exactly pi times further around than they are across
pi = 3.14159265... and a bunch more
by joe July 13, 2005
the space between the vagina and the rectal opening
Aint the pussy or the asshole - it's the taint
by Joe December 11, 2002
Slang, means intoxicated, drunk. When people get drunk they loose their sense of balance, i.e. legless. Chiefly british.
Downed 8 pints last night I was totally legless.
by Joe February 01, 2005
Same approach with a minimum of probabilities
Two people are talking for a while with out knowing each other, and then they fund out they were born in the same town or they went to the same High School.
When they become aware say: Get out of here!
by Joe November 28, 2004
ugly skank wit a deformed ass snatch
man i aint touchin that
by joe February 01, 2004

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