40 definitions by Joe Mama

1. A shelter for morons, idiots, retards, and otherwise mentally ill peoples.
2. gay and stupid
by Joe Mama May 22, 2004
What most Europeans bitch that America doesn't really have. What they fail to realize is that our republic is superior to a democracy. A true democracy is mob rule.
by Joe Mama October 18, 2003
When someone is becoming to piss you off, a kind jesture to tell someone to stop what they are doing before they get punched in the face
Don't you get sassy with me or I will make rimjob sit on your face.
by Joe Mama January 06, 2004
When a drug deal goes totally wrong.
It was a total clash man we got BUSTED by the state cops!
by Joe MamA March 13, 2004
see hitlering
when she turned around so quickly from him sticking his dick up her ass, he used his shit covered dick to give her a dirty sancho moustache
by joe mama May 01, 2004

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