40 definitions by Joe Mama

When a guy gets turned on and shoots straight up
Last night, I felt Josh rise when I was giving him that lap dance.
by Joe Mama June 18, 2004
1. A company that builds and fixes computers. (n) 2. Makes websites.
usage: Helllooo PCXPODE!
by Joe Mama September 16, 2003
When someone is born with mental destortion (aka. down syndrome)
"I regret to inform you that you child has been diagnosed with minaya." says the doctor. "OH GOD NOOOOOOOO!!!!!" says the mother. "That leaves us with no other option than ABORTION!!!!" says the father. "I totally agree with you Sir. I would do the same thing." says the doctor.
by joe mama July 30, 2003
Also known as a mobile home, or, more recently, a manufactured home. A manufactured home is simply a trailer less than 27 years old with vinyl siding on it. Its still a fucking trailer and if you live in one you're probably still a hick. Trailers often contain easy but dirty women.
by Joe Mama October 18, 2003
A euphemism for house trailer. Replaced lately by another even softer term, manufactured home. Don't let the manufactured home companies tell you different, it might have siding and wood cabinets, but its still a fucking trailer!<p>Often occupied by toothless hicks and easy but dirty women.
by Joe Mama October 18, 2003
Ghost of a dead animated pirate on Spongebob Squarepants.

Ex Bishop Hendricken teacher Jelle Wiersma.
The Flying Dutchman scared the shit out of Patrick.

The Flying Dutchman is my physiology teacher.
by Joe Mama August 23, 2003
Singing in the style of emo with the voice of the singer of Creed (Shit).
Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance.
by Joe Mama March 04, 2005
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