40 definitions by Joe Mama

Ng BBS Mod who wears turtleneck sweaters and watches hockey,gourgs on Canadian bacon and syrup, and kicks unsuspecting puppies in the face
Man, you fucking dobio, look what you did to that poor puppy. You crushed his skull AND he's all sticky from syrup
by Joe Mama October 22, 2004
A very distinguished and "hip" person that seems flawless in every aspect of his or her life... Usually found with unibrow.
he is one nice nicelio.
by Joe MAMA April 06, 2005
My muthaphuckin baby brotha!!!!!!
#1:Damn girl, yo brotha Demery is foine as hell. Hook a sistah up.
Me: Heeeeeeell Naw Bitch!
by Joe Mama January 21, 2005
a fool madly in love
eunsol is madly in love
by joe mama December 14, 2004
African american slang for " with your"
I did it wit'cher sista
by Joe Mama March 12, 2005
A GROWN ASS MAN from Chicago who calls himself Jaysin (Hova). He tends to be a bit of a hot head hence the title Buck as Fuck. He also enjoys life's simple pleasures...like getting trashed on weekends.
Grown sexy and STILL BUCK
by Joe Mama January 21, 2005
When you take your job too seriously.
Dude chill out, you're going all minaya on me!!!! Shit chill out.
by joe mama July 30, 2003
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