40 definitions by Joe Mama

1. A pregnant female.
2. To engage in sexual intercourse with some below the age of 18.
1. Sally likes to fuck, shes with child again!
2. Nobody is with child more than R Kelly
by Joe Mama November 10, 2003
Someone who acts like an idiot.
Jerry arrives late to practice, therefore Heredes may refer to him as a "payaso."
by Joe Mama September 30, 2004
Cheap cereal eaten by broke college guys (usually followed with Easy Mac or Ramen Noodles)
Them Cocopuffs I ate for breakfast were the shiznit
by Joe Mama June 18, 2004
(verb) To slap your balls across someone's face in a back to back motion.
The boy roscalled the young girl in a vigorous way.
by Joe Mama November 15, 2004
Having sex three times in one day with three different partners
I scored a hat trick...I fucked Eliza Brittney, and Suzi
by Joe Mama December 18, 2002
a piece of shit
That car is hella jankity
by joe mama May 20, 2003
damn wodee dat ice on jor wrist is blingin
by joe mama December 25, 2002

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