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2 definitions by Joe Farries

Antonio hamiro "Tony" HOMO (born April 21, 1980, in San Diego, California) is the current starting quarterback for the National Football League's Dallas Cowboys. He replaced the great (future HAll Of Famer)Drew Bledsoe in Week 8 of the 2006 season.He is known for being one of the most popular HOMO's of all time,especially in football when not many HOMO's compete.He has been rumored of dating Jessica Simpson of late,Which in turn had his fanbase in complete disaray wondering if he was a true HOMO.But he eventually proved otherwise by quickly putting an end to those rumors.
He also maintains is own website tonyhomo.com
Tony Homo is the starting quarterback of the Dallas COwboys.
by Joe Farries December 03, 2006
Someone convinced that Tony Homo err...Romo is the next great dallas cowboys quarterback of all time.The second coming of Troy Aikman and Randall Cunningham in one person.
After Bledsoe's performance on mondy night.We come to find out that parcells is a true Romosexual.
by Joe Farries November 09, 2006