17 definitions by Jody

noun: schlong, trouser snake, big dink

noun: moron, asshole, dickmunch
Damn, Nut's thick dodang really rips a girl's insides apart!

Dave, quit being a dodang!
by Jody November 10, 2004
a terrible golfer, one with less than adequate skills.
Even though Jody had new golf clubs, shoes, and all the proper attire, she was still a hackbart.
by Jody May 06, 2005
Excellent industrial influenced drum-and-bass psychadelia. Intricate, propulsive, and original, this artist is actively bombing the borders between d'n'b, breakcore, industrial, and powernoise. Symphonic moments that are simultaneously dark and luminous are kept aloft by shifting drum and bass rhythms crafted from equal parts concrete, ubran grime, and precision-etched silicon. A new breed of electronic music that is unafraid of cross-genre pollination and driven by pure organic emotion.
Boy, oh boy! CENSOR is one of the most talented and dedicated electronic artists I've heard in ages. I want to make out with him.
by Jody January 19, 2005

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