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When "two in the coot and one in the poot" involves fists and a third person, implying loose whore.
I heard Karen's been around the block more times than the garbage man. One time they were giving her the super shocker, and she was so loose, a midget doing jumping jacks fell out.
by Jodi S March 02, 2008
What you call anyone who says or does something just dumb enough not to be punched in the face with a Buick.
Jimmy just told that hot chick he likes Dungeons and Dragons and eats a lot of ham while wearing a glittery cape. Jimmy's a freakin' crack monkey, dude. That's what happens when your mom snorts crack rocks and coffee beans and then goes to the zoo to have unprotected sex with mysterious, hairy blurrs. They held her afterwards and brought her flowers the next day. So I guess it was kind of nice, in an anti-Darwin sort of way.
by Jodi S March 02, 2008
A nice way of saying cluster f*ck around bible thumpers and old people.
Man, your teeth look like a fuster cluck of jagged bones and decay.
by Jodi S March 02, 2008

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