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1. Term for the 'job' (sexual) one receives after countless hours and attempts at flirting with someone you want a J from.
2. Decline response for answering a question to give/receive a J.
1. "Nah dude, no matter how hard I tried all I got was The No-J."

2. "Can I have a BJ?"
"How about a No-J."
by JodanMclovin October 19, 2009
1. On the day of 'rapture' one takes all unwanted clothes and shoes and lays them out in a "dressed" manner to fool people into thinking they did not ascend.

2. A mixed drink combining holy water and the most religious person in the room's favorite drink.
I began my rapturebombing when I took all my old clothes and shoes and arranged them on the ground in "raptured" positions.

My neighbor saw and started freaking out, screaming he was left behind.
by JodanMclovin May 21, 2011

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