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An ass clown.
Quit staring at my junk you butt swami.
by Jocko Johnson March 11, 2004
The place where a man sticks his healthy boner. The love opening. See hatchet wound.
Tommy likes to pound Brooke in her poon jabby until she squirts magical tarter sauce. Mmm Mmm good!
by Jocko Johnson March 14, 2004
The act of repeatedly sticking one's penis in a female's anus.
I was banging Yolanda last night, and we got a little carried away. My shlong slipped out of her kooch and into her browneye. I was dirty dicking her, and it felt pretty damn good.
by Jocko Johnson June 15, 2004
When your ass crack sweats and gets all salty and the dry salt leaves a crusty residue.
Hey man, I just went jogging for ten miles. To you want to lick my asscastle.
by Jocko Johnson March 11, 2004
A bunch of cock sukin' girls that hang out together at college and think they are better than everyone else. Did i mention that they like suckin' cock.
I gave that chi o a philly fakeout, and her chi o buddy licked my cum off of her ear.
by Jocko Johnson March 14, 2004

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