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2 definitions by Jock fae Fife

A group of glory hunting religous bigots from Weegieland(Glasgow), Ballingry and Lochgelly. They are easily spotted esp on holday because they wear the same Rangers or Celtic taps every day. They call everybody wee man and all their children are called Wayne.
While walking in Lochgelly one day I passed 3 different people wearing Ireland Football taps. I was amazed so when I saw a fourth I had to ask him what was going on. He replied that his Celtic tap was gettin washed for the summer. I told the wife and she said "What the fuck do you expect from a Weegie c**t"
by Jock fae Fife May 18, 2006
104 98
Football shirts as worn in Scotland
Hello mother, have you washed any of my Rangers taps. I have no money and need to go to Archibalds for a tap.
by Jock fae Fife May 19, 2006
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