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When someone cuts a sharp snapping fart in tight pants or clenched buttcheeks
"Dude, did you her Sally's "gator bark "? It sounded like it snapped through her spandex!"
by Jocelynski August 29, 2008
When you're wearing a wet suit above water, but you're still soaking wet and just as you're sitting down your balls smash out the fart-air trapped behind them creating a noise similar to "daloof"
I was so gassy the other day when we went diving and kept farting in my wet suit. When I got out of the water and sat, I was SO embarassed because my balls let out the biggest "daloof" I've ever heard.
by Jocelynski September 09, 2008
Something a chick says when she smells something especially stinky to uphold a level of couth and properness.
Instead of saying "DAMN! That shit is RANK!" She'd say "My goodness that's foofie-doof!"
by Jocelynski September 09, 2008

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