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foolishness / craziness
Yumiko: "ima steal all your mahjong tiles and sell them to the black market!"
by Jocelyn Wildenstein June 11, 2008
"you're welcome, i know"

to be used as a response to you responding to someone who just told you off
erika: "omg u just told her off"
kumi: "tik"
erika: "ywik"
by Jocelyn Wildenstein June 09, 2008
on purpose
she meant to sing that way. it was on porpoise
by Jocelyn Wildenstein January 14, 2009
aka lhl

when you laugh at something fashion
masha: "hey did u see donna karen's new clothing lines?"
gisele: "yeah, laugh haute loud"
by Jocelyn Wildenstein June 19, 2008
new age neopet religion

adopted by many middle school children and people who play with magic cards
garth: "did you see klaus yet? i wanted to trade a level 72 magic card with him."
ina: "idk ever since he converted to neopetism, he's been playing neopets nonstop"
by Jocelyn Wildenstein June 09, 2008
This word has 2 definitions:

1.) Pussy Lickin' Tongue

2.)Penis, Lettuce, and Tomatoes
Masha - Ooh gurl, did you see Sean?
Sasha - Gurrrlll his tongue was so long!!
Masha - I know, he gots a PLT!
Sasha - I wanna PLT sandwich right about now!
by Jocelyn Wildenstein July 20, 2009
It stands for "threw/throwing up from laughter." It used when you laugh so much that you throw up.
Shauna: My heel broke off and landed on a baby.
Coco: TUFL!
by Jocelyn Wildenstein January 22, 2011

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