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2 definitions by Jocelyn Ariana

1. A perfect replacement for the world you can't find. It can be used in multiple ways and situations.
(Side Note- hursty is never a replacement for a positive word such as cool or good.)
2. A word without definite meaning.
1a. Why ya bein' so hursty? (replacement for "paranoid")
1b. Yo, that's a mad hursty shirt (replacement for " weird")
2a. Yo, your mad hursty. (It's just to be said, not to be meant as anything)
by Jocelyn Ariana September 25, 2006
Similar to vicarious, but for those who prefer to use slang and sound ghetto
the evil step mother lived bicariously through her 16 year old step daughter
by Jocelyn Ariana August 11, 2006