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A bogan/skezzy who piles on foundation and fake tan like there's no tomorrow. When a punk skezzy and a carrot skezzy breed, they give birth to an Emo Carrot Skezzy, who grazes schools and local malls in ugg boots, denim short shorts, orange faces and heavy black eyes. They normally have crusty bleach-blonde hair as well.
Gosh! Janice is such a carrot! She had the fake tan all over her hands, too! Not to mention some OTHER substance...
by Jobana K March 08, 2008
A bogan, or uneducated person who piles on foundation and/or eyeliner until they look like an emo and a carrot. Derived from the very first bogan, and all-time Queen of the Bogans, Winnie Skezzopolis.
Urgh, Sophie is such a skezzy! I saw her try to pay for something at the canteen using a condom, then molesting Bryce...
by Jobana K March 08, 2008
A name for a skezzy, uneducated girl who has a tendancy to hit on her teachers.
(Student)Oh god! She's such a Jobana - look at how she's modified her uniform for him!

(Teacher)I know you've veen a bad girl and not done your homework, but I'm not going to spank you, you Jobana!
by Jobana K March 07, 2008

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