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The act of brandishing the male genitalia out the window of a moving vehicle at passers by.
Driver: Hey, is that Jodi up there?? She is looking hot.
Passenger: Perhaps I should wave steak?
Driver: That is why you are "The Mack"!
by Job Pilson July 10, 2008
The display of one's semi erect junk out the window of a volkswagon passat.
Steve, "Joe, perform your famous pickle popper trick."

Joe, "No way, this ain't no Passat!"

Steve, "Fine, simply pinwheel or wave steak you stubborn bastard"
by Job Pilson July 15, 2008
The act of twirling your boner out the sun roof of a moving vehicle to elicit interest from the opposite sex.
guy #1 Dude, did you see that fox?

guy #2 I'll bet if we excercise some pinwheeling, we'll get her attention.

guy #3 I think you're right
by Job Pilson July 15, 2008
Thick dirty hair giving the appearance of a feret krazy glued to your butt crack
Geez josh get the hell out of the gym shower your ass feret is going to make me puke.
by Job Pilson July 15, 2008
A human male with excessive, greasy, dark, malodorous, matted pubic hair.
girl #1 Did you go down on him last night?

girl #2 Get this.. he was Parco !!

girl #1 What a buzz kill!
by Job Pilson July 15, 2008
Exuberant moisture that elicited form the the female pubic area in response to sexual prowess(mojo) of an alpha male
Guy #1 :Man she was pusspiring (pusspire) even before I got her panties off.
Guy #2:I knew you gots the game yo
by job pilson December 20, 2007
Excessive pubic growth on an otherwise hot girl. It literally looks like a tumbleweed. You know what I mean.
guy #1- How'd she look?

guy #2- Damn, she had a tumbleweed!

guy #3- Word?
by Job Pilson July 10, 2008

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