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A female human who, in a supreme effort to be trendy, cuts her hair short, has her front teeth sharpened, and wears men's clothes and a leather collar with spikes around it. The bull dyke's favorite sport is coprophilia, the love of shit. The bull dyke loves to find a pretty lesbian lover to fist, and from whom to burgle turds.
While hiking on a mountain trail, I came upon a beautiful woman taking a great big dump right in the middle of the path. Around her, four bull dykes with butch cuts, sharpened front teeth, and spiked collars lay on the rocks and intently watched the dump's progress. One bull dyke flashed a terrible, canine smile and said, "I told you someone would see you."

The beautiful woman kept on dumping and said, melodramatically, "Oh, the perils of the trail!"

If you find this disgusting, don't blame me. I didn't take a dump in the path, and I'm not a coprophiliac bull dyke or a turd burglar. These are the wonderful folks that liberal twits hold to be so charming. Real nice, eh?
by Joao Bufamarillo May 26, 2005
A gentleman who earns his living by felling trees. We all owe him a debt of gratitude for providing the material for our homes and furniture. This gentleman is soundly hated by the environmentalist who lives in a timber house.
He's a lumberjack, he's OK.
He drinks all night and he works all day.
by Joao Bufamarillo May 13, 2005
The only possible explanation for all the loud booming that comes from a low rider car. There must be a Mexican in the trunk with a bass drum.
El Bajito Loco drives up and down the street with a Mexican in the trunk with a bass drum. The Mexican keeps beating on that drum, perhaps to let everyone know he's in there.
by Joao Bufamarillo May 13, 2005
A white liberal. Someone who knows what is best for everyone else, and devotes his life to shoving it down our throats.
Hillary Clinton is a do-gooder who wants to make us all pay for medical care for lazy bums who piss their lives away spray painting grafitti on other people's property.
by Joao Bufamarillo May 13, 2005
A large, china mug with a fitting lid that fits under a bed. It is for night-time use when a person does not want to walk downstairs and outside to the kybo.
Mrs. Galloway did not want to go out into the snowstorm, so she used her thunder mug.
by Joao Bufamarillo May 13, 2005
A person who lives in a wooden house but who does not want you to live in a wooden house, and who does criminal acts to prevent more wooden houses from being built.
Morris is a tree hugging liberal who burns down wooden houses that are under construction.
by Joao Bufamarillo May 14, 2005
Admirably large breasts.
Excuse me, boys, here comes Thunder Jugs Sal. I just have to sit and stare for a while.
by Joao Bufamarillo May 13, 2005
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