18 definitions by Joanne

Sharp, slick, unpredictable
Keepin it down playa, Pimps up hoes down .Green for the money Gold for the honey. We off and we runnin it. chuuuch
by Joanne January 09, 2004
1.A friend to the friendless, the buddy of the uncool.
AIM buddy.

2. A smart child.
1.I talked to smarter child today. I asked him if he was gay. He didn't tell me...Oh yes, and I can so relate to him. But I MUST work out some of his attitude problems he does have.

2. Wow I'm a much SMARTER CHILD then you are!
by Joanne October 09, 2004
To be made a fool of or embarrassed.
Dude, you were swole 'cause you thought that girl liked you!
by Joanne February 26, 2005
My boss at work - he is allus whistling - the trill, a video camera, me, tasha, shell, carl ayres, anything and everyone can be a trill.
Kev have you had your trill today?
by Joanne July 22, 2003
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