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2 definitions by Joanna Williams

the coolest spotrt in the world where people do crazy jumps and waco spins.For more look up Synchro.
I am a serious competitive figure skater.
by Joanna Williams July 06, 2005
100 58
A figure skater, male or female,who goes to public establishments, such as Target, dressed in outlandish clothing...for example, a bright purple skirt with hot pink maribou fur sewn at the bottom. He/She also enjoys Pole dancing, Swimming in fountains, and Interpretive Dance.
Girl # 1 to her friend: Look at that girls outfit! She must be a Dazzler!
Girl #2: Yes...She must have tripped over too many bumps and hit her head 1 too many times!
by Joanna Williams July 05, 2005
7 3