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Theory that having facial hair can make you crazy, insane, psychologically disturbed or just fucked up
Hitler suffered from beard-idity
Osama Bin Laden suffered from beard-idity
Jesus suffered from beard-idity
#crazy beard syndrome #beardidity #beardity #beard insanity #facial hair frenzy
by Joanna Barret Hound February 20, 2012
When someone answers an obvious question, someone can shout "salmon on the floor" and the answerer must lie on the floor, wiggle like a salmon and shout "I'm a salmon".
(On a Monday)
"Is it Monday?"
"Salmon on the floooor!!!!"
*Answerer begins salmoning*
#salmon #salmening #salmonin' #salmonen' #salmuning
by Joanna Barret Hound February 20, 2012
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