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Ambitious in a bitchy way.
Person 1:"I am going to win this championship and anyone who gets in my way will suffer the consequences!"
Person 2:"Gosh, your so ambitchous!"
by JoVah October 25, 2008
To arouse curiosity.

Related Words: acuriation (noun), acuriating (adj.)
"Why do men have nipples?"
"I don't know. That acuriates me."
by JoVah October 25, 2008
To converse.

related words: confratulation (noun), confratulating (adj.)
Person 1: "Look a Jim and Sally confratulating over there."
Person 2: "Ya, they are really getting to know eachother."

I may just go and confratulate with Suzie and maybe get her number.
by JoVah October 25, 2008

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