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The neurological condition where an individual feels compelled to turn everyday words into a rhyme, which does not change the actual meaning of the original word.
Normal Person: "That is neato"
The Dr. Seuss Syndrome: "That is neato dorito"

Normal Person: "Awesome!"
The Dr. Seuss Syndrome: "Awesome Possum!"

Normal Person: "Whatever"
The Dr. Seuss Syndrome: "Whatever Trevor"
by JoTySmith November 14, 2010
The name for the group of low-lifes, deadbeats, high school dropouts, druggies etc. that hang around Tim Horton's restaurants all day long!

Person 1: "Look at those people sitting there"
Person 2: "Yeah they're the T.H.C."
Person 1: "What's T.H.C."
Person 2" "Tim Horton's Crew"

Person 1 & 2: "What Losers!"
by JoTySmith November 18, 2010

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