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1.a song from clipse
2.said if sumn happened
3.eitha sumn hella bad or hella good
cot dayum! nikkus anklez got broke in bball..
by JoShWa July 04, 2003
same thing as cwalken..but hoppin to it..
damn..dat wun guy jay was crip hoppin wid josh..crazy ass battle
by JoShWa July 04, 2003
1. to see something
2. something you stole or found
ey dawg..today i came across that new cell u wanted
by JoShWa July 04, 2003
a character from the bosco and josephs PCN show..acts all gangstaish
"itz b rizzle foo!"
by JoShWa July 04, 2003
to start a battle in:cwalken, clown walken, blood walken(fuck bloodz), beatboxin, flowin, etc.
ey yo..i heard jay called out ryan and ryan got faded
by JoShWa July 04, 2003
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