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A better sounding name for an Abortion Clinic
My girlfriend just left to go to the Planned Parenthood place
by JoRaPi March 21, 2004
KG (Kyle Gass) and JB (Jack Black)'s alter ego. When Wonderboy And Young Nasty Man joined forces, Tenacious Dwas formed.
Well, Wonderboy and Young Nastyman joined forces;
they formed a band the likes of which have never been seen,
and they called themselves Tenacious D.
by JoRaPi May 04, 2004
A monster that waits in a kids room until the lights are out, then proceeds in doing his "business". See monster or ICP
Boogie Woogie Woogie waits under your bed, With a shank, splah!, up through the bottom - ICP
by JoRaPi May 16, 2004
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