58 definitions by JoJo

Clueless Bitch with the IQ of Clam Juice. Lies like the Whore in Church and should be hung by her nips as she is burned at the stake for practicing Dirty Politics. and is possibly a Hermafordite
President bush is a Flaming Condaliza Rice
by JOJO March 05, 2005
a gallop is a piece of metal which normally gets stuck up the mindge and inplaces hairs and can also be as green grilslers or beef quif.
"oh cool man i just found a gallop, dont touch it it could have been up your mums wrinkle nest"
by jojo February 28, 2005
A dick!, a Cock!
I like to spank my "Monkey" all the time!
by JOJO July 09, 2003
to trip on acid and ectasy simulataneously
Back in the 90's we used to troll at the raves.
by jojo November 19, 2002
an a$$ hole
shut up u curtin climbin cat sniffer
by JoJo March 27, 2004
A homosexual man.

Queer fag
Look at that gint over there pimpin the guys.
by JoJo June 02, 2004
One who likes peepees.
I like peepees!!!
by Jojo April 09, 2004

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