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Cross between scrump and crumpet, i.e.- Sex Biscuit. Commonly used in the South by people who live on mountains and have a deep southern drawl, or widely used anywhere you can find both sex and biscuits.
"Man I shore do love your scrumpets Jeeiimmm, they are goo-ood! Howsabout cookin me up a fresh batch of them there scrumpets"
by JoJerrsika May 19, 2008
Dried soap or crud found in random places in your body such as belly buttons, ears, behind the ears, vacant piercing holes or between your toes.
"Deeammm Virginyika, yo' credic be all up all over this shit", or " Mother, I was just itching the inside of my auricle and retrieved some credic, how dissatisfying."
by JoJerrsika May 19, 2008

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