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910 definitions by JoHn

The best football team ever.
LSU won, because they kick ass.
by John July 22, 2003
The name of a midsize Toyota sedan; derived from the Japanese word "Kan-muri" which means "little crown" or "beyond compare."

First seen on the 1980 JDM Celica Camry, a four-door RWD sedan based on the Celica, and concurrently used on a line of FWD midsize sedans since 1982.
I drive a Camry.
by John November 26, 2003
A party a man's friends throw for him before he gets married. There is often heavy drinking and/or strippers (i.e. all the things that he won't be able to enjoy once he's married.)
Two weeks after Tom and Becky's engagement, Tom's friends blindfolded him, threw him in the back of their car, and took him to Layla's Tongue Shop in downtown Harlem. Then next morning, still hungover, he thanked them for a great bachelor party.
by John June 12, 2007
a really pretty girl
damn she's an ester!
by John February 03, 2005
A place where idiots like to shop and complain.
Hi sir this is the forth time all my fish have died from here. Would you like your money back? No i want to get more fish.
by JOHN December 13, 2003
By far the most awesome of the legal drugs you can buy at your local head shop. It's kinda like liquid shrroms, and EX combined, your fist time YOU WILL TRIP YOU FUCKING BALLS OFF
AKA: red scourge, ol' red, RD, Dawn, liquid EX
fuck taking the recomended dosage of 3 to 5 cap-fulls JC rocks out to RD by taking half the damn bottle
Morg: Dude, JC you allright?
JC: fuck yeah... i downed like an entire bottle of Red dawn, and i'm tripping mah bawlz off, nucka... *throw up* uhhh.... I hate the spins...
by john September 09, 2005
Average Westchester town, less money than Bedford, more than Peekskill.
At a Yorktown party, you see Jettas and Jeeps. At a Chappaqua party, you see BMW's and Benz's.
by John March 12, 2005