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A drug addicted, skinny, pale, sarcastic,trust fund baby, clubbing every night, male/female. eurotrash have keen fashion sense and often aren't european. they often go to university full time, but skip most of their classes and have no major. they don't get kicked out and they don't have any visible form of income but live lavishly. eurotrash don't bathe, smile or wash their hair on a regular basis so they may reek of perfumes and colognes.
Shit man, look at all the eurotrash at Boston University.
by john January 02, 2005
a really pretty girl
damn she's an ester!
by John February 03, 2005
The confederait battle flag that is proudly waved by southern people to show there proud of southern heritage. it is NOT a racist flag!
Hey look at drew waving the rebel flag showing his pride of the south
by john April 05, 2004
the best thing ever thought of by a human being.
She wrapped her very long, soft, sensuous hair around my cock and stroked me until I went straight to heaven.
by john March 10, 2005
The name of a midsize Toyota sedan; derived from the Japanese word "Kan-muri" which means "little crown" or "beyond compare."

First seen on the 1980 JDM Celica Camry, a four-door RWD sedan based on the Celica, and concurrently used on a line of FWD midsize sedans since 1982.
I drive a Camry.
by John November 26, 2003
The art or study of using language effectively and persuasively
I would tear you apart with my rhetoric
by John March 21, 2005
The root of the word is "overseer." It refers to a Bishop. It also refers to the Christian denomination, the Episcopal Church in the United States of America, which is part of the worldwide Anglican Church with its origins in the Church of England. (In Canada, it is the Anglican Church, in England it is the Church of England, in Scottland it is the Episcopal Church.) It began when Henry VIII broke off the church in England with the Roman Catholic Church (the Pope in Rome) and declared that the Church of England would be ruled from England, not Rome.
In the Episcopal Church in the Uniteed States, there is a structure of oversight which includes bishops with episcopal oversight over dioceses. Unlike the Anglican Church in other countries, Bishops are elected by conventions in each diocese with representation from clergy and laity.
by John March 03, 2005
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