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910 definitions by JoHn

Area encompassing San Bernardino and Riverside counties in southern California, also known derogatively as "The 909"
by John March 06, 2003
225 69
What one feels the day after getting completely stoned. One feels tired, lazy, and even the slightest movement requires immense effort due to the amount of tiredness. Some feel recurrences of their high when they're washed.
"dude, i cant go to her house, im waay too washed."
by John November 23, 2003
241 86
One who is a fan of the 60's rock band Grateful Dead, often wear tie-dye shirts and follow the band across the country on tour.
Pete's a dead-head, he went to every Grateful Dead concert this year!
by John August 31, 2003
197 44
A drug addicted, skinny, pale, sarcastic,trust fund baby, clubbing every night, male/female. eurotrash have keen fashion sense and often aren't european. they often go to university full time, but skip most of their classes and have no major. they don't get kicked out and they don't have any visible form of income but live lavishly. eurotrash don't bathe, smile or wash their hair on a regular basis so they may reek of perfumes and colognes.
Shit man, look at all the eurotrash at Boston University.
by john January 02, 2005
428 291
Often used as a quick way to burn somebody
John(staring across the lunch room at some chick): "aahhh she has such a nice ass..."
Me: " What?? is your mom at school today?
by john March 23, 2005
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A referance to a liquor called Hennessy a cognac.
"Fuck up the party before it even start
Pissy drunk, off the Henny and stuff"

-Biggie Smalls
by john November 08, 2004
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A place where 500 pound lardo's come to ride around on scooter's ich their asses and buy junk food and ride around the store all day looking at stuff because they have nothing better to do.
Hey sir, could you get me 10 bags of pork groins.
by JOHN December 13, 2003
209 85