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The impending end-of-days that will be brought upon the world by the rising culture of douche bags otherwise known as "Bros". While the prophecy is unclear it is certain the Jeep's with massive lift kit's blasting songs by disturbed and tool will rain down from the skies, every being on Earth will be adorned with pink polo shirts untucked with the collar popped and extended several feet, and a terrible cacophony of the words "bro" and "broseph" will emanate from no certain place but will be heard everywhere.
I feel that MTV's television show "Bromance" is the first of four signs of the impending Bropacalypse.
#douche bag #popped collar #disturbed #bro #broseph
by Jo-breezy January 11, 2009
to be hold a reasonable weight and in a short period of time balloon to an unreasonable weight. It's origins are from the Television actress and disney tool Raven Simone. Whom at one point of her show "that's so raven" was fairly skinny and in a course of one season became overweight.

oh christ! i ate so much during the holidays, i truly ravened-out.
#raven #that's so #simone #fat #disney
by Jo-breezy January 11, 2009
a small group of douche bags aka "bro's" whom tend to flock together. much like a gaggle of geese, or a murder of crows. Most can be found in shopping mall food courts, and drunk in parking lots outside restraunts and wal-marts.
Hey tom, there is a brogul in the parking lot blasting "crazy bitch" by buckcherry and seeing who can punch the each other in the nuts the hardest.
#gaggle #bros #mall #food court #buchcherry
by Jo-breezy January 11, 2009
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