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1. (noun) Average black male.

2. (noun) Person known to flip and do odd things without warning.

3. (noun) World class trash talker.
1. My TV was stolen by some RandomNigga.

2. Grandmom rolled up, snatched my joint and took a shit on my forehead; she was quite the RandomNigga.

3. That RandomNigga snapped on me so hard, I cried.
by Jo Mama March 24, 2005
a little dick size of a 2 year olds pinky
when i jackoff i need to use tweezers because my dickling is so small
by JO MAMA November 11, 2003
go to narutochuunin.com, go to multimeadia and download Ninja of the NIght AMV. tis some funny ass shit man. Naruto RAWCKS! and i am no Narutard!
"In the confusion of a smoke bomb i can remove your bra and you wouldnt even notice. i can jump roof. to roof. and get my friends free cable, its bad ass. i used my chinese star to pick the locks and steal your car. ROCK AND ROLE!"
by jo mama October 03, 2004
a flat out WINEAU!
Jimmy Bond is an oenophile
by jo mama August 21, 2003
its a device worn between two males having sex. it is worn by both males at the same time. it is worn over both penises. every time the man in the back thrusts, it jacks off the guy taking it in the butt. basically eliminates the reach-around procedure.
i just bought a new cramjack ...yay!!
by jo mama March 02, 2004
an unusual and interesting medical condition
That patient in room 203A has a facinoma.
by jo mama April 22, 2003
a rooster u sick bastard's
i have a cock it is hairy
by jO MAMA March 05, 2005

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