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3 definitions by Jo Ellen

a most yummy chocolately and hazelnut spread, recommended to be made into a milkshake or atop pancakes or just eaten straight from the jar. Of french origin, the smallest size jar doubles as a drinking glass!
petey, i think i'll be having another Nutella topped toast for brekkie!
by Jo Ellen July 21, 2005
Only the most comfy flipflops ever made, Brazilian born these flipflops are the Mercs of rubber foot wear and have achieved true cult status! In the Havaianas factory in Campina Grande, Paraiba, 5 pairs of sandals per second are produced, which add up to 105 million pairs per year. Since their launch 2.2 billion pairs of Havaiana sandals have been produced and sold (if all the size 37 sandals were laid end to end they would go around the world 50 times).
Lil: "yoyo jojo can i borrow your green havai's?"

Jojo: "ummm 'fraid not there so comfy i don't dare takem' off, but you could nip down to Office and buy some of your own!"
by Jo Ellen July 21, 2005
Otherwise know as a exercise ball, or stability ball. Found in gyms and home gyms alike, meant to aid sit ups/press ups, but much more fun when used as a chair or for generally rolling around on, with.....
"Dave wanna 'workout' on the Swiss Ball?"
by Jo Ellen July 21, 2005