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In roman dialect (dialect of Rome), is used to describe who is reluctant to spend money for anything and for anyone.
Tom: "what about the wedding gift for Tim? How much would you like to spend?"
Tam: "Ehm.. Uhm... I'll tell you later on..."
Tom: "You're pulciaro!!!"
by Jo October 11, 2004
Someone who enjoys whacking their "pud"...or in other words masturbating. You could also call a nerd or a jerk a 'pud-whack'
God, John, you are such a pud-whack. (It fits either category of definition!)
by Jo May 05, 2005
the best damn munchies in the world available in the uk
man i had a serious case of the munchies i had like 6 bowls of sugar puffs
by jo March 31, 2004
An area of high priority
'Meet me at the designated bouffant so we can karoke to Dolly Parton'
by Jo November 03, 2004
To accidentally inhale ash from a pipe while smoking marijuana.
"Shit, I just sfooted."
by Jo June 22, 2003
Pennyhooker- A hooker who is paid in penny's.
Pennyhooker- A hooker who isnt worth more then penny's
hooker penny lace
by jo January 02, 2005
the state of mind that one is in when they have not gotten enough sleep; when one is crazy as if drunk
She became moogily after spending the night on the bus in the freshman parking lot.
by jo November 09, 2004
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