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belonging to a particular place by birth
He is native to Connecticut.
..translates to..
He was born in Ct.
by jo March 11, 2004
When someone gets off on trying to get aids.
I was pretty grossed out when I heard about pozzing
by Jo July 21, 2003
to slowly come near to death
I am dying of cancer
by Jo April 23, 2005
South American insectivorous mammal. Has tough 'armour plates' that protect it from attack. Some varieties can roll into a ball and be completely protected.
As far as I know, not interested in lesbians at all.
"hey, what's that weird looking animal with the armour?"
"an armadillo of course"
by Jo May 02, 2004
A girl who goes to hockey games just to be a slut.Ice tarts have slept with atleast half of the hockey team and dream of sleeping with the rest of them.
puck bunny
Jan, the ice tart, waited after the game so she could bang the rest of the team.
by Jo December 29, 2004
To be modestly exceptional in bed.
Damn! You were so good...
by Jo February 01, 2003
Someone who accidentally soils their undergarments after putting too much effort into passing wind
Someone over indulges at the curry house on sunday night, goes into work on Monday morning,fellow colleague begins to sniff loudly,"Phwoar who's followed through?someone must have,that's lingered for a good five minutes it stinks!!!"...meanwhile the main offender goes cheery red and decides not to own up and makes hasty retreat to the staff toilets.
by Jo July 25, 2004

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