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jerk, bastard
don't be such a dick wad
by JO January 25, 2003
1. Dine
2. a Native American tribe located in the southwest of the Unites States, the biggest tribe in the US.
That girl is full-blooded Navajo.
by jo March 11, 2004
a low down and common male, cheap and lustful. orren karp ( sorry pal mel told me to)
" oh dude what a sleaze"
by jo March 31, 2004
To severely beat someone, usually in a fight.
He's gonna fuck up John when he finds out his bitch slept with him.
by Jo July 19, 2003
The Nazis of today who are usually fans of Hitler. They mostly believe that Jews/homosexuals/coloured people who aren't white/Muslims/all religions are retarded and that the world would be a better place with just Aryans.

They must be stopped. No one realises that they are getting bigger and stronger than ever, and if their plans aren't abolished soon, we might well be heading for another, more crueller, World War 2 (the European war, I mean). Need I say more...?
David Irving. Ask about him in any history class and you'll get a lot of dark, dark looks.
by Jo February 23, 2005
the hottest hair cut around. mainly for punks
my dream guy is a mohawk guy!
by jo November 29, 2003
A character from soul calibur 2 who has a whip sword and dresses like a slut. Not that I'm complaning.
Ivy whips herself with her whip sword and says "Oh I've been bad".
by Jo October 10, 2003

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