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a]when you don't understand something
b]when something is scary
a] answer the question = 'mew?'
b] scary - 'meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew'
by Jo November 24, 2003
Bourbon and Cola
Pass us a woody.
by Jo February 01, 2003
The best sport consisting of racing on every level with Nextel Cup as the premiere division, Busch Grandnational Series and Craftsman Truck Series are also the premiere series of NASCAR. NASCAR Touring Series are the Featherlite Modifieds Division, Busch North, Winston West, Kodak Southeast Series, Raybestos Northwest Series, and Goody's Dash Series. NASCAR also owns the NASCAR Weekly Racing Series presented by Dodge which is hosted at hundreds of racetracks each year.
NASCAR is longer and more exciting than Drag Racing
by Jo August 08, 2003
Well what can I say? legend comes to mind lol. Hes a really nice guy - a great friend and a fab boyfriend :P lol. when hes around you cant help but smile, he makes you feel on top of the world whenever you feel down, and is sexy to boot
wooo happy xmas kev!
by Jo December 08, 2004
abbreviated version of munter, a more extreme version of minger. A highly unattractive person, in both looks and a boring personality
my blind date last night was a complete munter, it sure was heavy going.
by jo December 28, 2003
1.An overaged slut who goes about f*#&$@^ every scrawny boy she can get her hands on.
2. A wrinkly cock
1. watch out for dem gongs out der, ya here
2. man, dat guys gong is just right for thatpigeon
by jo November 15, 2003
something gross..... People peeing or pooing
people pooing on eachother
by jo September 16, 2004

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