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smallest pecker in the world
you have a lenko
by jo February 23, 2003
Being a pimpin mojo-which is only something Mo and Jo are. Nobody else. So don't even try saying me che pie cause you aren't cool enough to say it.
Mo-"Why Jo, you are such a little me che pie."
Jo-"Thank you Mo, I think that you are also a little me che pie."
by JO January 25, 2004
(see Brew)
by Jo February 01, 2003
a person with a particular lifestyle preference relating to nocturnal, dark. and occasionally satanic subjects, who express it through their fashion. Not to be mistaken for an emo kid who has black hair and a black tshirt on.
The Goths baa'd like sheep, from the herd 3 feet over.
by jo September 10, 2003
a long time
I haven't heard that in a grip.
by JO September 13, 2003
pajamas for women, a convergence of vagina and pajama
The woman slipped into a comfy pair of vajamas before going to bed.
by jo April 04, 2005
The act of saying garlic, salt, or essence (alone or in combination) and causing everyone around you to riot.
Police blame emeriling for the smashed windows and looted stores downtown yesterday.
by Jo May 28, 2003

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