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1. A cheeky British comedian, born Alfred Hawthorn Hill. In 1955 he started the Benny Hill Show on the BBC. The show made it to the U.S. In the 1970s and Hill became an international star until his show was cancelled in 1989. Died 1992. 2. v. The act of slapping a bald person's head repeatedly with total disrespect for the person. Benny Hill made this maneuver famous on his television program. May also be followed with a kick in the ass.
See also hoarkerize.
1. Benny Hill was a comedic genius and an hysterical songwriter/performer.

2. "Dude, have you seen Heimbuck lately? He's so bald that I couldn't help but Benny Hill his ass"
by JnglKng April 22, 2005
1. pr.n. A group of young musicians, popular in the early 1980's, characterized by their outlandish poly/sequinned costumes, feminine dancing and their use of the medley format to squeeze as many songs as possible into a short time frame. Also known for using funk/fusion horn lines in basic country songs. Generally considered to be ahead of their time.|| MSM, MainStreetMagic.
2. n. A back alley B.J.
"Yo man, Main Street Magic can rock it deep in da funk pocket fo' a bunch a punk-ass bitches, now Ima go git me some real Main Street Magic!"
by JnglKng April 14, 2005
1. adj. A situation where two adolescent males are discovered naked by camera wielding adolescent females and in the mad scramble to cover their genitals, the boys grab the first thing they could find. Upon later examination of the photo evidence, it is learned that one boy grabbed a 3 foot tall trophy while the other boy grabbed a lame plaster statue of a surfing monkey. The term has grown to mean a feeling of ineptness. Trophy Hung
"Wow, after she laughed at me, I really feel like a monkey hung."
by JnglKng April 15, 2005
A term used to describe a really white guy. The kind of white that makes you grab your shades because it hurts your to look directly at their bare beer belly. Although an Albino Viking isn't necessarily a true albino, nor does he have to be of Nordic descent, he is typically one who gets very little sun and is generally geneticly predisposed to nonpigmentation.
Damn, Al Morgenstern is a raging Albino Viking. I mean, 10 minutes in the sun and he looks like the photographic negative of Timmy D.
by JnglKng April 13, 2005
1. n. A term used to describe one who swings into town to make sweet monkey love.|| The ultimate in suave machismo. Women love him and men fear him. Also King O' the Jungle, KOTJ, KOJ and R. Sean King O' da Jungle.
"Damn, that cat is one smooove mofo. He must be a bonafide, vine swingin' JungleKing. Word!"
by JnglKng April 19, 2005
1. v. To play a trick or a joke on someone. Very similar to a stag, only without much planning or forethought. 2. n. hoarkerization. 3. v.i. hoarkerizing, hoarkerized.
"Dude, let's hoarkerize Alan by lighting his english assignment on fire, then, when he starts freaking out, we'll piss on it to put it out!"
by JnglKng April 14, 2005
1. A feeling of superiority or greatness.|| A winner.
Monkey Hung
"Dude, that's a bummer that Craig drew the short straw, but I am full blown Trophy Hung!"
by JnglKng April 15, 2005

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