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A place to where you can hustle and be hustled on the internet.
John just hustled that guy on ebay.
by Jnelsonmarka December 15, 2006
An outfit that usually consists of a pair of Girbaud pants, a tall tee, and a pair of Forces. Mainly worn by black guys and by some latinos. If worn by a white person, then it's pretty much a sure bet that that particular white person is a wigger.
When CJ wants goes to the mall, he wears a Girbaud fit.
by Jnelsonmarka October 01, 2006
The kind of white boy that you would see doing stupid things on youtube just for attention.
Youtube White Boy: Hey look everyone, I'm doing the crip walk.

Real Crip: What the hell was that? That wasn't a crip walk!
by Jnelsonmarka March 22, 2007
A bandana is a square shaped piece of cloth that is mainly worn to indicate that you are in a particular gang. So if you are in aren't in a gang, I would highly recommend not wearing one.
Gangmember (blood): Hey man, he's wearin' a red bandana! Hey boy, are you a blood?

Guy wearing bandana: What are you talking about man, I just thought it looked cool.

Gangmember (blood): He's false flagin', get em!

*Gangmembers beat down the guy wearing the bandana.*
by Jnelsonmarka October 01, 2006

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