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a top class, first rate job.
those shelves you put up are proper pembo.
by Jmp85uk May 20, 2007
This is the distance around a girl. If it is too high, move on.

Usually measured in what you can touch when you put your arms around a girl.

1 = Upper Arms
2 = Elbows see elbow theory
3 = Fore arms
4 = Hands
5 = Nothing
She's hitting a 2 on the circumference index.
by Jmp85uk April 22, 2008
This is the theory that the average man will judge whether or not to try and sleep with a girl based on her circumference index.

If guy can put his arms around a girl and touch both of his elbows, he will certainly try it on. If not, he will find another girl to test the theory.
I'm going out friday night to test the elbow theory.
by Jmp85uk April 22, 2008

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