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To have your life completely ruined by one individual. To neglect your children, be a dead beat dad, and to cheat on your former spouses. To be 26 years old and be a complete waste of human skin. To be the tough guy everyone laughs at, and to be an all around fuck up. To be a self proclaimed legend of being a bad ass. One who uses material objects as a form of popularity. To claim anyone new you meet as your new "family". Pretty much be the guy no one likes, but cares not to say anything, for the fact it's good for laughs.
Girl 1. I went out last night and got Nobled.
Girl2. Nobled? Whats that?
Girl1. I mt the biggest douche bag ever. He lived in his "Glory days" and made himself to be a self proclaimed legend, of nothing.
by Jmoneystunts July 21, 2010

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