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A kid who is usually a loser, so they try to act and dress like other people to become popular. They will pretend they can do things like skateboarding or bmx, but when asked to show you they will say they don't feel like it. They will also listen to the same music as everyone else when last week they listened to classical music. They often say they like the artists their friends like but can't name any of their songs.
Jeff: Look at Jim over there, he wears Element shirts and Dc shoes... he probably can't even skate
Alexander: Don't worry about that poser.
#wannabe #scene #cool #loser #nerd
by Jman313 June 20, 2012
A term that means that someone is new at something, but now it is just a meaningless insult used by little kids who play call of duty.
Nerd: OMGz yur such a noob with your 0.8 kill death ratio!!
#bad #newcomer #pro #beast #good
by Jman313 June 20, 2012
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