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A game played by two or more players that involves throwing a water bottle or other irregularly shaped object to the other players. If a player makes a bad pass, fails to catch the bottle, or does not throw it quickly, he is out. A player must throw the bottle in the same manner in which they catch it. The player may throw it to another player by repeating the motion or continuing it in a fluid manner. When the game narrows down to two players, they play the best out of three wins. Additionally, a player can never be out on the first throw of any round. Players may not laser it to other players or throw with excessive force. This "ok" speed should be slightly faster than a quick underhand toss. If a player catches the bottle with one hand, they must throw it with one hand, and the same goes for two hands. Players must go for bottles passed close to them or within "playable distance."
Lets play some SHIFTIES!!!
by Jmal Soivachavich November 05, 2009

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