2 definitions by JkErryDay

A statement that you and your buddies use on one of your friends that you wanna fuck with.
Hey, mark. I Heard you like men

Where'd you hear that?

It's all around school! Ask Anyone!

Hey Luke, C'mere for a second. I have to ask you something

Nah man, I Can't be seen talking to homos.
by JkErryDay February 02, 2011
when a girl wont let you grab her ass, feel her up, etc. when there's 2+ other people in the room.
Jimmy: C'mon Veronica why're you acting like this?

Veronica: I don't feel comfortable doing this with these people in here.

Jimmy: Damn, don't be so prude-in-public.
by JKErryDay January 04, 2011

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